Nosebleeds Causes And Treatment

Nosebleeds Causes And Treatment

What Are Nosebleeds

The medical name of the nosebleeds is the epistaxis. Nosebleeds is the active blood loss from the tissue that lines your nose. Normally it may affect both nostrils, but may often occur in one nostril. Nosebleeds can be light or heavy and last from a second to 10 minutes or more. It may be frightening, but they are not usually an indication of anything serious and can easily be treated at home. Let’s discuss the nosebleeds causes and treatment.

Are Nosebleeds Serious Issue

Few nosebleeds stem from large vessels in the back of the nose. That kind of nosebleeds is dangerous. It may occur after an injury. These type of nosebleeds may occur due to high blood pressure, daily aspirin use, bleeding disorders, etc. If the patient is older then it may affect more. You need to consult the doctor if a nosebleed goes more than 15 to 20 minutes. Also, consult to the doctor after nose bleeding. A nosebleed after falling or a car accident could be a sign of the internal bleeding. If you are suffering from the frequent nosebleeds then you may have some serious problems. For examples, Nosebleed is the early sign of leukemia. It may also a sign of the blood clotting or may be a blood vessel disorders or may be nasal tumor etc.

What Cause Nosebleeds

Normally as we know the common cause of the nosebleeds are dryness and nose picking. Both things work together, nose picking occurs more often when mucus in the nose is crusty and dry. Another very less cause is colds, injuries, use of cocaine, etc. Most of the children stick some small objects up their noses. Others peoples may have infections, high blood pressures, and blood clotting disorders. Nose bleeds may also occur when you are taking drugs that interfere with blood clotting. Sometimes the cause of the nosebleeds can’t be determined. The different types of nosebleeds tend to have different causes.

Anterior Nosebleeds

The vast majority of the nosebleeds is the anterior nosebleeds. In this nosebleeds, bleeding comes from the wall between the nose channels just inside your nose. As we know that part of our nose known as the little area contains most of the delicate blood vessels which may easily be damaged. The cause of the anterior nosebleeds is unknown sometimes, but it may be caused by the number of things which is given below:
• Picking your nose, if you scratch your nose with a small index finger.
• A minor injury to your nose.
• Sinusitis, it is an infection of the small, air-filled cavities inside your cheekbones and the forehead.
• High fever and some allergies.
• Excessive use of the nasal decongestants.
• If you blow your nose very hard anterior nosebleeds may occur.
• Sometimes blocked or stuffy nose often caused by an infection such as flu or cold.
• Dry air or an increase in the temperature drying out the inside of your nose.
• High Altitude.

Posterior Nosebleeds

A very small number of the nosebleeds are the posterior nosebleeds. These types of nosebleeds are common in adults than in children. It is more serious than the anterior nosebleeds and it bleeds more heavily. Some causes of the posterior nosebleeds are:
• A blow to your head or a fall.
• If you did a recent nasal surgery.
• Medicines that cause us to bleed more easily like aspirin, warfarin, etc.
• A blood clotting abnormality which is found in most of the people.
• A broken nose also causes posterior nosebleeds.
• A hardened artery may also cause the posterior nosebleeds.

Others Causes Of The Nosebleeds

• Some crack or break in the nose which you may easily saw.
• Low platelet count in which individuals are prone to bleeding.
• Foreign body in the which happens more commonly in children.
• Celiac diseases, it is a kind of allergy to gluten.
• Leishmaniasis, it is a kind of the parasitic diseases which is transmitted by the sand fly.
• Deficiency of the X factor which is caused due to the deficiency of the protein.
• Kidney inflammation, This is caused due to an immune reaction.
• Rheumatic fever which is caused due to the complication of the strep throat.
• Von Willebrand disease, it is especially a bleeding disorder due to the deficiency of von Willebrand factor.
• Deficiency of factor II, V, VII these all conditions are very rare which affect the blood clotting and increases the chances of nosebleed.

How To Prevent Nosebleed

Some useful tips for preventing the nosebleeds:
• Keep the child fingernails short to discourage nose picking.
• Try to keep your home humidified.
• If you do smoke, then quit smoking as soon as possible because it dries out your nose and also irritates it.
• Blow your nose as little as possible and only very gently.
• Please regularly apply the petroleum jelly to the inside of your nostrils to keep the inside of your nose moist.
• Please remember to open your mouth when you sneeze it will help to prevent the nosebleeds.
• Always follow the guidelines and instructions that come with the nasal decongestants.

Treatment Of Nosebleeds

A nosebleed can be scary to try to calm during the nosebleeds. Most of the time nosebleeds looks much worse than they really are. Almost all nosebleeds can be treated at home. If you get the nosebleeds, sit down comfortably and lean forward. Try to keep your head above your heart it will help to slow the bleeding. Lean forward because blood will drain out from your nose instead of the down the back of your throat. If you will lean back, you will swallow the blood. This will irritate your stomach.
Try to use your index finger and thumb to squeeze together the soft portion of your nose. This area is present between the end of your nose and the hard. Please keep holding your nose until the bleeding stops. Don’t let go for the 10 to 15 minutes. If still bleeding does not stop holding it again for 10 to 15 minutes. Once your bleeding stops don’t do anything that may make in starting again. You read all the nosebleeds causes and treatment, prevention etc.


  1. Sit down comfortably and pinch the soft part of your nose, just above your nostrils, for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Lean forward and breathe through your mouth, this activity will drain the blood into your nose instead of down back of your throat.
  3. Place the ice or frozen vegetables covered by the towel on the nose.
  4. Stay the upright position rather than laying down, this will reduce the blood pressure in the blood vessels of our nose and will stop further bleeding. I hope you understood nosebleeds causes and treatment.

When We Need To Consult To The Doctor During Nosebleeds

• If you are taking the blood thinning medications like warfarin or have some kind of clotting disorders such as hemophilia and the bleeding does not stop.
• A child under 2 years have a nosebleed should consult to the doctor.
• If bleeding is continuous for 20 minutes longer or more then immediately go to the doctor and consult with them.
• If you are facing the difficulty in breathing.
• A nosebleed may occur after a serious car accident.
• If you have symptoms of anemia nosebleeds may occur.

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