How To Prevent Miscarriage In First Month Of Pregnancy

Prevent Miscarriage In First Month Of Pregnancy
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The chances of miscarriage during pregnancy is around 10-20%. We are sorry to say but we don’t think there is any way to how to prevent miscarriage in first month of pregnancy. Miscarriage among the first month, as in before you miss a period? Or the first month once you discover out you are pregnant? Mostly miscarriage happens due to genetic abnormalities.

Let us read the precaution and recommendations of various doctors all around the world. These are some useful points which can reduce the chances of miscarriage in the first month.

How To Prevent Miscarriage In First Month Of Pregnancy

  • Regularly Consult With Your Doctor

You have to regular consultation with your doctor during pregnancy. Because the only doctor will be able to handle crucial stages during pregnancy. They will be helping you with what your body exactly needs. The doctor will regularly guide you to cure any kind of deficiencies and taking proper supplements in order to reduce the chances of miscarriage.

  • Lower Amount Of Caffeine

Generally, less then 200mg caffeine per day is safe during pregnancy. If you drink beverages which are high in caffeine then stop taking those beverages. You may cause a headache if you suddenly stop drinking beverages which are high in caffeine. Don’t worry it’s normal because it limits your caffeine amount in your body.

  • Stress-Free

In a study, it is found that if you can handle your stress then it will automatically reduce the chances of miscarriage by 60%. So live your life happily and stay safe.

  • Don’t Try Heavy Exercise

Exercise is good for our health. But never try heavy exercises such as heavy weightlifting and kickboxing during pregnancy. It negatively impacts during pregnancy so, avoid these exercise when you are pregnant.

  • Food

Bad selection of food may increase the chances of having a miscarriage. The better option is consumed folate-rich foods which are good during pregnancy because the good selection of food reduces the chances of miscarriage. Food like mercury fish, street food, raw eggs, undercooked meats, etc is completely avoidable during pregnancy. We have written a complete article about which food is good during pregnancy.

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Avoid Smoking, Alcohol, And Drugs

Smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs are the bad habit whether you are pregnant or not. So, avoid completely these type of bad habits during pregnancy. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy are increasing the chances of miscarriage.

  • Control Your Blood Sugar Level

If you have diabetes then you should control your blood sugar level during pregnancy. According to doctors, high blood sugar level can lead you to fetal malformation and a subsequent loss.

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  • Control Your BMI

Maintaining your healthy weight during pregnancy is very important. Please consult with your doctor if you are overweight during pregnancy or you will also follow the proper diet plan to maintain your weight.


Many women ask this question i.e. how to prevent miscarriage in first month? Miscarriage during the first trimester is common and many women don’t tell about her pregnancy until they reach the second trimester. You can reduce the chances of miscarriage by following these points which we explained above.

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