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How To Increase Body Temperature With Onion

How To Increase Body Temperature With Onion
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Today in this article we will tell you how to increase body temperature with onion or how to fake a fever with onion. Most of the peoples don’t know if you cut an onion into thin slices and put them under your armpits your body temperature will increase. Most of the children do this thing because they want back home to get out of the class or exams. The whole process how to do this we will explain to you in this articles.

How To Increase Body Temperature With Onion, Is It True?

Yes, it is true if you put the slices of onion on your armpits your body temperature will increase. Because as we know when we put the slices of onion under the armpits the bacteria or viruses enter in our skin and kill those bacteria which is necessary for our body. When the necessary bacteria killed then the body increases the temperature to fight against this dangerous bacteria.

How Onion Works To Increase Body Temperature

  1. Your armpits have very thin skin membrane so it can absorb anything very easily. Onion contains lots of chemical substances and it can easily found their way into the bloodstream when you kept the onion under your armpits (do you ever noticed your doctor that he put the thermometer in your armpits to measure your body temperature because armpit membrane is very thin).
  2. Onion contains natural pesticides that are known to raise the body temperature.
  3. Onion attracts viruses, microorganisms towards them when kept under your armpits. A person body becomes supercharged to fight against them and becomes hot to fake fever. I hope you understood how to increase body temperature with onion.
  4. Putting Onion juice in your armpits may cause local inflammation and maybe your body temperature increase.

How To Increase The Effect Of Onion To Increase Temperature

  • Try to eat more than normal.
  • Wear a jacket or tightened clothes to make your body hot and hard.
  • Try to sleep with 3-4 blankets over you.
  • Take a bath in hot water or stay in hot water up to 1-2 hours.
  • Must drink coffee or tea when you wake up in the morning.
  • Eat spicy foods, chocolates and don’t drink water after them.
  • Stress your body through physical activities.

Is It Dangerous To Increase Body Temperature From Onion??

Yes, it may be dangerous if you are doing this process again and again to increase your body temperature. So, please avoid this process if you are doing any wrong activities with our body it may be dangerous and don’t try this to increase body temperature and stop searching for how to increase body temperature with onion. It has many side effects.

Use An Onion To Fake Fever

  • Peel the onion and cut them into two thin slices.
  • Put one slice of onion in your left armpit and another slice of onion in your right armpit.
  • Sleep with these two slices to keep in your both armpits and stay overnight.
  • In the morning your body temperature will increase and wake up with the fake fever.

Benefits Of Onion Slices

Many peoples are searching in google how to increase body temperature with onion. But only a few peoples are searching only the benefits of onion. As we know onion has also some benefits. So the benefits of onion are explained given below:-

1. Helps in Relief From Burn

When your any body parts burn then take the slices of onion and rub on the burn part. You will get relief from pain and protects from infection.

2. Helps In Relief From Insects Bites

When any insects bite on your skin then put the onion slices on the infected part. Then you will feel relief from pain and swelling.

3. Helps In-Ear Pain

Onion helps you to get rid of ear pain. Cut the onion into thin slices and put them on your ear over the night. Due to this process, you ear pain will reduce or scum will also come out easily.

4. Cures Fever

If you are suffering from the fever so at night put the one slice of the onion on the soles of the feet and wear socks. This process will definitely work for you.

5. Remove Stains

Mix the onion juice with turmeric powder then apply on your face. You will see stains on your face will remove.

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We advise you to don’t try this method for increasing your body temperature because it may be harmful to your body. During childhood, I saw some children’s who are trying this method to fake a fever because they do not want to g too schools. Onion has many health benefits also so use this vegetable in a good way.

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