Fertility: Can a woman in menopause get pregnant by IVF?

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According to the study, women undergo menopause in their 40s and this is the age where they can’t bear children in their wombs any more. The fertility expert at Select IVF India also says, that the ability of women to develop and maintain a healthy pregnancy is their 30s, which according to research is the optimal time for a woman to become a mother.

After the age of 30 years, the women body undergoes many changes as it gets older and women slowly start losing her ability to become a mother. However, with the rise of the IVF treatment to treat the cause of infertility issues, there is the number of people who are choosing this treatment to increase their chances of becoming parents of an own baby in their advanced age.

At Select IVF India, IVF is a treatment that has been proved effective for a woman after her menopause as well. There are several cases where a woman past menopause has been implanted with a fertilized egg and she is able to conceive a healthy offspring from the same. As we all understand that IVF treatment is a complex procedure and it requires a lot of external hormonal treatments on the side as well.

How can IVF help menopausal women?

Dr. Nalini Gupta says women, who have gone into menopause more than 6 months ago, need additional care to achieve the successful pregnancy through IVF treatment. The women uterus is usually shrunken and her endometrial lining also develops resistance to estrogen. Dr. Nalini Gupta suggests women undergo several cycles of estrogen treatment to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy. The fertility experts at Select IVF India suggest the couples at least one to two months of estrogen and progesterone treatment prior to taking the actual IVF treatment.

Success rates of IVF after menopause

It has been found that postmenopausal eggs are no longer viable; however, there are still two ways you can take advantage of IVF treatment. You can use eggs which you had frozen earlier in your life and can get those eggs fertilized and implanted in your womb after menopause, using the IVF method, to achieve a healthy and a successful pregnancy. Through, storing the eggs prior to menopause, you can not only become pregnant after your menopause begins but can also ensure that you will be the biological mother of the baby who would be born. Dr. Nalini Gupta suggests that it is always best to undergo for the IVF treatment before menopause, as this improves the chances of conceiving a baby, or you can also use the fresh or frozen eggs from the egg donor

You also need the hormone therapy to prepare your body and these therapies are often easier and most of the women can completely forego the progesterone and estrogen supplementation in such a case. This will reduce your time to complete the treatment and also reduces the cost that you have to bear for the treatment.

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