Best Way To Quit Smoking

Best Way To Quit Smoking

We know very well the health risks of smoking, but today most of the people are smoking a cigarette and it is not easy to kick this kind of habit from your life. The nicotine which is present in the cigarettes offers a quick and reliable way to boost your outlook and relief from the stress. But we need to quit smoking. Let’s discuss the best way to quit smoking.

Why Is Quitting Smoking So Hard

Smoking is both the physical addiction and psychological habit. If you eliminate the intake of the nicotine causes your body to experience physical withdrawal symptoms and the cravings. Because we know nicotine feel-good effect on the brain, many of us smoke as a way of coping with the anxiety, depression, stress, and the boredom. Quitting means finding a different way to cope with these feelings. TO stop successfully smoking, we need to address both the addiction and the routines and habits that go along with it in a simple way. But it may be done with the right and proper guidance, any smoker can kick this addiction even if you tried and failed multiples times before.

Best Way To Quit Smoking

Best way to quit smoking is the ayurvedic method:

Role of Ayurveda in reducing the risk of tobacco

Ayurveda is an ancient traditional system. The basic concepts of the Ayurveda are the Gunas, Dravyas, and the Doshas in which the Gunas means the quality, Dravya means the five elements, Doshas means movement. Let us discuss the role of Ayurveda in reducing the risk of tobacco:

Intake Of Adequate Water

If you drink plenty of water helps in reducing the weight by increasing the metabolism rate and boosting the ability to burn fat. Consumption of tobacco affects the heart in anyways, however, intake of plenty of the water every day prevents your heart from the many diseases. An adequate amount of water thins the blood and reduces the risk of the blood clots that can lead to heart attacks. Drinking of water in adequate amount also reduces stress, and boost the brain power and prevents the migraine by regulating the body temperature and supply the proper amount of oxygen to the brain.

Yoga And Exercises

Yoga is the form of relaxation and exercises that incorporates stretching, meditation and the knowledge of the body potential. It helps in providing relief from the tension and stress and also helps to increases the strength without the consumption of tobacco. Every smoker should do meditation twice in a day for the remarkable results to refresh the mind of consciousness. Performing Neti kriya at morning and the night with the normal saline solution at the room temperature helps in the sinus infection and the allergy problems mainly caused by the smoking. The breathing pattern resembles the blowing of bellows at morning and night is helpful in expelling the tobacco contaminants in the upper and the lower airways.

Use Of Ayurvedic Herbs In Quit Smoking Process

Regular consumption of the tobacco caused deposition of the nicotine, tar and the other toxic compounds in the tissues. To expel such kind of toxic compounds and the substances.
One spoon of the Triphala powder, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki every night before going to the bed is helpful because it has the potency to flush the toxins from the body. Triphala which effectively regulates the function of the digestive systems and also enhances the strength of the immune system, lungs, muscles and many more. Triphala is scientifically proven for the various activities such as anti-mutagenic activities and the protective activities against the radiation oxidative damage

Similarly intake of the Triphala every morning is helpful in the detoxification. This powder is also helpful for our brain, nervous system, chronic pain, sexual health and many more. Moreover, chyavanaprash is the combination of the various herbs which is considered to be a strong supplement for the immunity boosting. That helps in fighting from the various diseases.

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Other Methods To Quit Smoking

Eliminate Triggers

Clean your house and cars properly to remove the cigarettes, smoke odors and other reminders of the smoking. If you live with someone who is smoking. Ask them not to smoke in front of you.

Rework Your Routines

Your schedule must be built in smoke breaks and cravings can especially hit hard at those times. Know these times are and what your triggers are, then make a plan to avoid them.

Wait It Out

Cravings to smoke only the last three to five minutes, whether you smoke or not. Call your friend and get a drink of water, do deep breathing or play a game on the phone. Find something to distract your mind.

Tips For Quit Smoking Process

  1. Try to chew the anti-nicotine gums or suck on cinnamon sticks which curb your urge to smoke.
  2. Increases the consumption of vitamin C in your diet. Fruits which is rich in vitamin C such as lemon, oranges, etc.
  3. Try to chew the mulethi is a good alternative of cigarette. It helps you to suppress the urge of smoking when you feel.
  4. Make a juice of the radish along with the honey twice a day is very good during the quit smoking process.
  5. Avoid consumption of alcohol and other addictive drugs such as coffee and the sugar etc. because they increase the urge to smoke.
  6. An ayurvedic massage with some special kind of oils like aromatic oils is also very effective to relax your mind and suppress the urge of the smoking cigarette.
  7. When you feel the excessive urge of smoking it is suggested to eat something salty.
  8. Consumption of the raisins, beets, lime beans, etc can help in the quit smoking process.
  9. Try to consume low calories food like carrots, apples, etc.
  10. Avoid acidic foods like meat, dairy products, pasta, etc.
  11. Intake of alkaline food is good for us during this time.
  12. Try to consume the vegetarian diet it increases the sattvic quantity of your mind. Every fresh fruits and vegetable contain prana or life which rejuvenates both your mind and the body.
  13. Do regular exercise which may help you to quit smoking. It controls your overall weight, which is a side effect of the quitting, and also offers a healthy lifestyle.
  14. Decreases the consumption of fatty foods because your metabolism rate is lower than at most other times, so you might risk gaining the weight during that period.
  15. Try to keep busy yourself in some kinds of works that can keep you away from smoking.

Facts About The Use Of Tobacco

According to the WHO, the consumption of tobacco in all forms is the cause of preventable death globally. Tobacco is the major cause of around 6 to 7 million death per year which will increase up to 10 million per year after 2020. It affects our main body parts like lungs, heart, liver, and can lead to heart strokes and heart attacks. The stages of this kind of diseases depend on the quantity and the time period of tobacco consumption. According to the WHO, there are 1..1 billion regular smokers in the world, which is nearly 1/3 of the total population.


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