Which Are The Avoidable Foods During Pregnancy

Which Are The Avoidable Foods During Pregnancy
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During pregnancy, it’s very important to take precautions in any steps. The most important thing in pregnancy is eatable foods. Pregnant women are always worried about foods. Most of the women did not have the complete knowledge of which are the avoidable foods during pregnancy. This is one of the big issues. Facing Avoidable Foods during Pregnancy for Women, Don’t Freak or get scared, The Health Goals will tell you from some research made the avoidable foods during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is very sensitive periods and vital actions in every woman’s life. So Expecting mothers have to be very careful about anything they take, it is very important for pregnant woman to take a healthy diet.

The pregnant woman has to stay healthy and cool and pay more attention to anything they eat and make sure they take precaution to avoid harmful foods and beverages.

During pregnancy don’t take any risk because at this stage you can’t do any experiment. If you take bad foods then it would be bad for you and for your baby also. We did some research and bring up a list of some Harmful foods and substance in the body and how to avoid them. Some certain foods and substance should be consumed rarely, while others should be avoided completely.

Which Are The Avoidable Foods During Pregnancy

Here we will tell you the list of bad foods which you should definitely avoid during pregnancy:

1. Raw Eggs

Yes, don’t eat raw eggs during pregnancy. Salmonella bacteria, Vibrio and Norovirus are present in raw eggs, soft-boiled and undercooked eggs which causes food poisoning. In food poisoning, you may have to face vomiting, abdomen pain, diarrhea, and high temperature. During pregnancy, you will need to become stronger physically and all these things made you weaker. It’s not good for you and for your baby also. This may create problems in developing your baby.

These infections affect the mother badly, make her weak and dehydrated and some of these infections may be passed over to the unborn baby which is very bad for the baby because it will cause the unborn baby a fatal and severe sickness.

What To Do: You take well-cooked omelet. Always take pasteurized eggs products during pregnancy. This precaution should be best taken for any pregnant woman because failure to adhere to this precaution may cause the woman and the unborn baby a very a bad health effect.

2. Mercury Fish

Have you ever heard about mercury? Mercury is the highly toxic elements and mostly found in the polluted water. Mercury is mostly found in polluted seas.

The Fishes of these seas have high in mercury because they accumulate a large amount of mercury. Mercury fish are the most avoidable foods during pregnancy by many women.

Avoid high mercury fish because it causes the delay in development in babies and may cause brain damage. You can take once in a month these types of fish which are high in mercury. High mercury fish contains:

  1. King Mackerel
  2. Tilefish
  3. Shark
  4. Swordfish

Avoid these types of high mercury fishes.

It is very important for every pregnant woman to take note that Mercury Fish is very dangerous for them and not all fish are high in mercury just some certain fish are mercury fishes.

What To Do: You can choose from low mercury fish. Take those fish which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low saturated fats which is good for you and for your baby. You can further ask your doctor about which fish is good for you during pregnancy. So, therefore, consuming low mercury fishes during pregnancy is very good and healthy for all pregnant women, because it helps them and gives great nutrient to them and the unborn baby.

3. Avoid Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk has no nutritional benefits. It may have the risk of foodborne diseases by the use of raw milk and the products which are made from raw milk. Avoid Unpasteurized or raw milk during pregnancy. This type of milk also contains some harmful bacteria such as cryptosporidium, salmonella, etc.

These infections can cause a life-threatening health effect for an unborn baby, which is very bad for is health, the bacteria can be naturally occurring or caused by contamination during collection or storage in the body of the woman.

What To Do: You can buy pasteurized milk during pregnancy. Due to the high temperature during the pasteurization process, it kills harmful bacteria. You can also choose non-dairy products during pregnancy it will be safe for you and your baby too. The pregnant woman should not consume unpasteurized milk because it increases the risk of getting bacterial infections in the body.

4. Avoid Unwashed Vegetable and Fruits

You all know that unwashed vegetables and fruits carry many bacteria which are harmful to us. Please avoid unwashed vegetables and fruits during pregnancy.

The Vegetable and fruits can be contaminated at any time either during production, harvest, processing, storage, transportation or retail.

The unwashed foods cause some bacteria like salmonella, listeria, and toxoplasma which is very harmful to both the woman and the unborn baby. The toxoplasma is a very dangerous parasite that lingers on any fruits and vegetables.

What To Do: We often listen to our parents that always wash your vegetables and fruits before eating, if you follow these steps in normal days then why not in pregnancy. Always wash vegetables and fruits. You can also peel and scrub the surface of vegetables and fruits which may cause bacteria, it also advisable to wash the vegetables with salt so that if there is any bacterium there they will surely die.

5.  Avoid Soft Cheeses

Do not eat soft cheeses during pregnancy. Please avoid unpasteurized soft cheeses because it contains listeria, listeria is very bad and harmful disease to the unborn child and even to the pregnant woman, it a bacterial disease which can cause dehydration and more Bacterium infections.

What To Do: You can eat pasteurized cheeses in the place of unpasteurized cheeses. You can also eat hard cheeses because it does not contain water. A non-imported cheese is also said to be safe which are pasteurized cheese.

6. Say No To Unpasteurized Juices

Do not drink unpasteurized juices either it is vegetables or fruits juices. Unpasteurized juices may contain harmful salmonella bacteria and E.coli bacteria.
These bacteria can have life-threatening consequences for the unborn baby and the pregnant woman also.

What To Do: Wash vegetables and fruits in a proper way and always make fresh juice at your home. You can also peel and scrub the surface of vegetables and fruits for making juices.

7. Tea

Most women have the habit of drinking tea. But during pregnancy, it is not for your health. Drinking lots of tea during pregnancy may lead you to many diseases. Green tea and wheatgrass juice are also said to be unsafe during pregnancy. Please avoid any type of herbal tea which is harmful to you during pregnancy.

Tea is like refreshment or many people’s morning habit but there is some tea that is very harmful to the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. These are
1. Slim Tea
2. Herbal Tea

And so on so please a good advice from your doctor before taking any tea during pregnancy.

What To Do: Take advice from your doctor before taking any tea during pregnancy. You can drink ginger tea during pregnancy. Don’t know about ginger tea? Don’t worry we publish a detailed article on ginger.

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8. Avoid Alcohol

During pregnancy avoid completely any type of alcohol. We suggest you to never drink alcohol no matter whether you are pregnant or not. Because there are many alcohols side effects which are dangerous to a pregnant woman. Drinking alcohol can cause miscarriage and stillbirth. Alcohol affects your baby’s brain development.

Alcohol is very bad for a pregnant woman with some research done by our team we verify no level of alcohol is accepted to be taken during pregnancy it is recommended to avoid alcohol totally during pregnancy.

What To Do: Drink pasteurized vegetables and juices which is far better than the alcohol.

Don’t eat street food during pregnancy. Why is street food not good during pregnancy? Here are the reasons:

  • Dust
  • Most of the time they don’t wash cooking materials such as vegetables.
    Some street food corners don’t use pure water.

9. Use of low-quality goods

These are the main reasons why should we avoid street food. Street Food causes food poisoning, stomach problems, and risk of infections.

Low-quality foods are very low in nutrient and high calories, low-quality goods is very bad and may result in damaging the body system and gives risk for contaminating a very bad disease which can affect the unborn baby negatively.

What To Do: If you ever want to eat street food, simply note down the name of that food and search online for recipes. Make and enjoy street foods at home safely. The pregnant woman is always advisable to stay away from street food because of they may have a direct sunlight occurrence which is bad for the body and may even be bitten by flies and many other infectious animals on the street.

10. Allergy-Causing Foods

There are many foods which cause allergy during pregnancy. Some of the foods don’t suit your body and causes allergy. Avoid these types of food during pregnancy.

The Allergy causing food is very harmful to the body because it is low in nutrient and high in calories, sugar and added fats to the body.

An optimal pregnancy diet should mainly consist of whole foods, with plenty of nutrients to fulfill the needs of the mother and growing child.

Eating Allergy – causing foods during pregnancy can increase your risk of excess weight gain and low growth to both the mother and the unborn baby.

What To Do: Make a list of those foods which cause allergy or don’t suit your body. In that situation, we always suggest you for consulting with your doctor. Be very careful when taking any food without your doctor consent it very harmful to the body.

11. A Large Amount of Caffeine

Caffeine is a psychoactive substance which is found in coffee, soft drinks, cocoa, and tea. Many women take coffee, tea and soft drinks in the large amount. They even don’t know these activity increase the amount of caffeine in her body. It is absorbed by the body very quickly and passes into the fetus and placenta.

Generally, less than 200mg per day is safe for pregnant women. A large amount of caffeine could increase the risk of miscarriage and low weight of the baby at the time of born.

High level of caffeine can also affect the growth of the unborn baby because the unborn babies and the placenta don’t have the main enzyme needed to metabolize caffeine, the high level can only build up.

What To Do: Quit taking those beverages those are high in caffeine. High level of caffeine intake during pregnancy can limit fetal growth and cause low birth weight. It is always advisable for any pregnant woman to stay away from caffeine because staying away for nine months will keep the woman and the unborn baby safe and healthy.


Consult with your doctor directly because he knows about your body. Pregnancy is the very crucial stage and you have to be very careful about food. Say no to these avoidable foods during pregnancy and follow those steps.

Proper food and healthy foods and well-prepared food are always advisable to take during pregnancy.

These lists of avoidable foods during pregnancy are probably not easy to avoid for some people who are already an addict to it.

But we recommend you to take precaution and make the best use of this list to avoid health effect and hazard to the body.

You can tell us your list of avoidable foods during pregnancy and don’t forget to tell us how this article is helpful to you. If you want to give any suggestion regarding this article, you can freely tell us in the comment section.

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