Autoimmune Health Issues- Causes,Symptoms and more

Autoimmune Health Issues- Causes,Symptoms and more
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Definition of Autoimmunity

Autoimmunity is a condition in which immune system of an organism starts to respond against it’s own healthy cells and tissues. Any disease that is a result of such response from immune system is called or termed as autoimmune disease.

This article is not only meant to cover the autoimmune health issues subject but in a whole, because we should all be spiritually, psychologically and physically well. It’s said that the ones that keep a positive, balanced healthy status, and a young appearance even in the middle age or further phases, that they have transcendental knowledge and use what Mother Earth has naturally for us, in order to keep young and healthy.

Well, I know some real life cases. Like I once knew of a situation in which a man was living in a house with humidity problems and infested with mould, including the black type. It was everywhere, on his bed, food, inside the cabinets, damaging all, furniture, electronics, and of course his health. Eventually he started getting spiritually, psychologically and physically unwell. His immune system was not of the strongest ones before, but it got much worst. So the lungs started to suffer from it, and the fungus started appearing on his body. So he also became infested with parasites and unwanted microorganisms inside him.


So there are many healthy tips you can use in your daily life:

  • For the first healthy healing tip, stay away of everything that is not good for you, that is negative and hurts you, or change things in a way that all around us is healthy and non-harmful.
  • We should always include meditation, moderate exercise, walking in nature, touch the trees to absorb their energies, smell flowers, play with animals since they are very good natural antidepressants, especially cats as they absorb negative energies and convert them in to good ones.
  • You should cook clean, conscious and wisely, try to learn new things always, new languages, read books, dance, learn new skills in something you like. Maybe try to do yoga, recreate, go out and have fun. Also, do good deeds, help the ones that are limited and really need some help, raise your vibes and frequencies very positively and high. And this will keep you disease free, strong, healthy, joyful and happy.
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The benefits go further than this, they are transcendental.

About Autoimmune Diseases

There are some common autoimmune diseases that you must be aware of:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is a chronic inflammatory disorder which affects joints, mostly those in limbs.
  • Interstitial lung disease: This is a general category of autoimmune lung disease which can include many lung conditions. They can cause thickening of interstitium of lungs and there might be several reasons for that. It could be inflammation, scarring or extra fluid.
  • Type 1 Diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes autoimmune disease is also known as Juvenile diabetes, because of sole reason. It occurs mostly in juveniles or at juvenile age. In this condition your immune system itself destroys your insulin producing beta cells.
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  • Alopecia areata: This autoimmune hair loss disease starts with sudden occurrence of one or more bald patches that might overlap.
  • Autoimmune blood disorder: Also known as haemolytic anaemia, it causes the destruction of red blood cells by autoantibodies suddenly or gradually over time.

Above were the pretty common autoimmune diseases which I thought you should be informed about. There are a lot more which obviously I can’t discuss in one article. I will discuss more about autoimmunity in upcoming articles.

Can stress cause autoimmune disorders?

According to a recent study conducted in Sweden, the possibility of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis being caused in people with stress-related disorders is more than normal people. For your information, stress is the increase of cortisol levels in our body which results in tension which may be physical, psychological or emotional, setting off the fight or flight response in our body. This will cause anxiety, panic, paranoia, if not kept under control or mastered. If this is prolonged, cortisol levels remain high regularly, it will eventually lead to compromised immune system. Then a cascade of symptoms and body reactions will occur.

Especially in the glands since they are connected to the Chakras. The neurotransmitters will be compromised, resuming, the chaos will be installed inside the body, mind and soul, and that will emanate.

What are immune deficiency disorders?

Immune disorders are basically caused by imbalanced and weakened immune system. It gets suppressed, stressed and blocked as a result of which our body starts to lose the capacity to defend itself from external radicals, eventually from internal radicals and from itself. The immune system will either show abnormally low activity or over-activity. In case of abnormally low activity body is unable to defend itself and reduces the ability to fight outer infections . While in case of over activity, body attacks and damages it’s own tissues resulting in autoimmune diseases.

How can you best cope with thyroid disease symptoms?

People affected by thyroid related disorders often experience weight issues, fatigue, temperature sensitivity, hair loss and much more. This affects them at both levels, physically and emotionally. So, best strategies to cope with thyroid related issues will be discussed below:

  • Weight Management: If you are suffering with a constant weight loss due to thyroid issues, you need to look into your thyroid function. Does your
    hyperthyroidism need more aggressive treatment? or Is the dose of replacement therapy for hyperthyroidism correct? Maybe you need a proper diet plan and high intake of calorie dense foods. If you’re suffering from increasing weight which is a result of hypothyroidism, keep a complete check on everything which might result in unnecessary weight gain. Stay well hydrated, excercise daily, try to get enough sleep, and look after your eating habits. Choice of low calorie foods will be extremely helpful.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue is caused by many things, not only by thyroid disorders. Keeping yourself physically active, well hydrated and getting enough sleep will totally help in coping with fatigue.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Generally cold intolerance is caused due to hypothyroidism and heat intolerance is caused by hyperthyroidism but there are chances of tremendous overlap. Also there might be a possibility that it has nothing to do with thyroid. Keeping yourself warm is the best thing you can do to handle cold intolerance. Getting enough sleep also helps. While in case of heat intolerance, dress lightly, increase intake of cold and wet food, cool drinks, keeping a cold cloth around your neck will help.

Also, increase intake of vitamins and mineral rich foods, amino acids. Good vegetarian healthy clean, conscious non GMO nutrition and active lifestyle will help. Try to stay away from negative and stressful environment and people. Try to stay updated more about your nutrition and proper diet.

Boosting your immune system

This is a resume on how to boost the immune system and keep it strong:

  • Iodine, zinc, vitamin B1 are good to repair the thyroid.
  • Betain Hydrochloride is also said to be good, probably includes the above nutrients, but make sure to watch the videos and make more research. I will be including a video related to it here:

These things help intestinal Macrobiota to work well.

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How are autoimmune diseases diagnosed?


You should check the thyroid properly and verify Cloridic Acid levels because if they are low then peptides can’t be converted into pectins. Check ferritine to know iron levels.

For women levels should always be above 70.

Do auto-immune testing, gluten intolerance testing, 2 types of HLAD genes testing. TSH is not a good test to check for problems with thyroid because thyroid doesn’t produce it. Brain produces it and it also signals thyroid to make T4 hormone. Good ones are checking for T3 and T4. Liver converts T4 to T3. That’s why detoxing the liver is important. So, do TSH and then, check for the T3 and T4 hormones.

Best tests are the FREEt3 and FREEt4, and also the TOTALt3, TOTALt4, and reversed T3 that can indicate chronic infections. When the body is stressed out you should then check the antibodies like TG and TPO. If anti-body count is high then it signals auto-immunity. Hormones levels tests like Estrogen levels, Estrogen metabolites 4OH, dried urine test or 24h urine test. You can do The DUTCH test at home. Check if Lyme disease is present. Do a DNA connexions test. Because Lyme disease is a STD, you need to be careful.

How to kill and get rid of parasites, worms?

Mamosa Pudica Seeds, Neem, Cloves, Ayurvedic medicine called Vadanga, Black walnut, tanzee, wormwood are all good to kill and expel parasites and worms. Don’t take these for a very long time period. Parasites reproduce every 2 weeks, so don’t lower your weapons, keep fighting it.

Everytime you start fighting against parasites they start getting stressed as a result they release ammonia. Also they will hatch more eggs and then they will release more toxins and other bad bacteria that is always attached or inside them. So do a healthy lifestyle, no toxins, eat clean, especially while on detox process. I advise you to keep it clean always. Don’t eat meat, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol. Many forgot how it feels so good to be super healthy. Be persistent in the fight against these parasites, worms, because when we think they are gone, they will come back cause they drop many eggs and other toxins before dying or coming out of your body.

Small Suggestions

You can also read Dr. Andreas Moritz works. He also has videos and interviews on YouTube. Dr. Lair Ribeiro is a very good Brasilian doctor, cardiologist and nutrologist. He worked many years in the past with huge American health industry companies and pharmaceuticals, so there are videos of him with English subtitles. Check Dr. Sebi advices too. And Dr. Michael Greger is also one of my favourite person YouTube, and he is also on all other social networks.



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